Subtitling and Captions

At ILTS, we provide high quality closed captioning, subtitling, and audio description services. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure that your project is done on time and within budget.
We offer high-quality subtitling services in over 60 different languages. Using culturally relevant idioms, our experienced subtitle translators don’t just translate your content, they ‘localize’ it.
Subtitling process begins and ends with our people. Our professional subtitle editors accurately transcribe, format and time the dialogue and any forced narratives (text burned onto, or otherwise displayed in, the video), diligently researching all unfamiliar terms for proper spelling. After a full review of the source language file by a senior editor, a translation template is generated and provided to the translation team, together with a low resolution version of the source video.
In addition to being experienced in the translation of the relevant language pair, the translation team is carefully chosen for their expertise in the subject matter of the program.  Our extensive network of subtitle translators includes subject matter experts in a wide variety of fields.  Using culturally relevant idioms, the primary translator completes the translation template — paraphrasing as necessary to provide the essential meaning of the dialogue within approximately the same number of lines of the source language.  A second translator fully reviews the translation and makes any necessary changes to the translation template.  The completed template is returned to the subtitle editor for final formatting. Using the style choices specified by the client, the subtitle editor generates target language subtitles and sets screen placement to ensure that graphics and other important video features are not obscured.  A senior subtitle editor then performs a final review and makes any necessary changes to the subtitle file. Our experienced technicians then use the completed subtitle file to generate the client’s final deliverable.