Localization refers to the adaptation of documents for foreign audiences. Sometimes a pure translation is all that is required, but when it comes to documents like marketing brochures, product information leaflets, blog posts and websites then localization services can be extremely important. If you’re taking the time to translate your website into another language, then you presumably want to reach out to people in another country. But literal conversion of the text from one language to another can sometimes lead to embarrassing translation mistakes. That’s where localization comes in.
Localization services use natives of the target country to provide insights into the target language and how it is used. It’s a valuable process for companies looking to produce high quality materials that are suitable for local audiences. 
The skill to localization lies in translating and localizing a document without changing its meaning. It’s a skill that develops over time, which is why at ILTS we always use experienced individuals who understand the requirements and boundaries of professional localization services.
Engaging professionals to provide their localization expertise can make a vast difference for all three of these items when it comes to mass appeal in a new country. Everything from language to colours to concepts can impact on the number of sales that are made and sometimes a small change can reap big rewards.
Speak to the ILTS team today for more information on the advantages of localization and what it can do for your company. A small investment of your time in finding out more about using localization services could end up making a vast difference to the way you go about presenting your business overseas